Village of Islandia Easter Egg Hunt

Children collect as many Easter eggs as they can during the Village of Islandia’s 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 19.

March 25, 2016

Local Families Brave the Cold to Come out for the Village of Islandia's 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Five hundred families beat the cold by hopping over to Islandia Village Hall for the 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt, which took place on March 19. Children and parents stayed warm by enjoying hot cocoa, coffee, tea, cupcakes and cookies and dancing to the music performed by "Joe the Singing Bus Driver."

During the Easter Egg Hunt, children collected some of the 8,000 Easter eggs that were spread throughout the Village Hall grounds. Some of the eggs contained a ticket in which the lucky children were able to redeem for a special prize. Before the end of the event, the children stopped to get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.

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